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Aortic Aneurysm

Treat Aortic Aneurysm in Goldsboro, NC with Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center

Your aorta is a major artery within your vascular system, which is responsible primarily for moving blood that has been infused with oxygen away from your heart and out to the rest of your body. An aneurysm, meanwhile, is an abnormally enlarged portion of the artery. This generally occurs when your artery’s walls are weakened or compromised. If your aorta bursts, it can lead to a level of internal bleeding that is fatal.

Aortic aneurysms may be caused by high blood pressure or arteries that have hardened over time. It is important to treat them in a timely matter, as you can also develop blood clots or have an aortic dissection (a tear within the wall of your aorta). This also increases the likelihood that your aneurysm will burst.

Prevent aortic aneurysm rupture before it happens by coming to Wayne Vascular & Vein Center for an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment.

Common Symptoms of an Aortic Aneurysm

Aortic aneurysms may not have noticeable symptoms, but they can be detected through routine screenings, which may be recommended for men who are above 65 and have a history of smoking, or for men over 60 who have a family history of aortic aneurysms.

If you do have symptoms of this vascular condition, you may notice pain in your stomach, chest or back, which can be a warning sign for increased risk of rupture in patients with symptoms.

Diagnose & Treat Aortic Aneurysms at Wayne Vascular & Vein

When you choose Wayne Vascular & Vein for your heart health care, Dr. Albrecht will likely begin your aortic aneurysm screening by ordering an ultrasound or other diagnostic imaging to get a better picture of the location of the aneurysm.

If you are diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm in Goldsboro, you may be followed with ongoing surveillance if your aneurysm is small, or undergo repair if your aneurysm is large. Most patients are candidates for a less invasive repair for their aneurysms at Wayne Vascular & Vein, called endovascular aneurysm repair. This is performed with a very small incision in the groin, placing specialized stents inside the aneurysm to treat it.

Learn more about how you can detect and treat aortic aneurysms by scheduling a screening with Dr. Albrecht at Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center. To do so, call our office at 919-587-3333 or fill out our online contact form.

Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center offers reliable treatments for aortic aneurysms to patients in and around Goldsboro, NC.

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