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Blood Clot Treatment

Remove Dangerous Blood Clots at Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center

A blood clot is the result of your body signaling that there is damage or an injury to some part of it. Blood clots are formed when platelets and proteins within your body act as a plug and stop the source of bleeding. They can, however, be fatal, causing strokes or heart attacks if left untreated.

If you suffer from a condition that is known for causing harmful blood clots in Goldsboro, NC, such as deep vein thrombosis, trust your care to Wayne Vascular & Vein.

Complete Blood Clot Care in Goldsboro, NC

Deep vein thrombosis is a vascular condition that occurs when a large blood clot is trapped in one of the major veins in your leg. It blocks blood from circulating properly through your legs, and can cause a pulmonary embolism if it leaves your legs and enters your lungs. Deep vein thrombosis can be caused by a damaged blood vessel, abnormalities in healthy blood flow patterns and a condition called hypercoagulability (when blood clots faster than normal).

You can be particularly susceptible to deep vein thrombosis if you sit for long periods of time (like at work or on an airplane), have extended bed rest, have recently undergone surgery, are obese, have had a heart attack or have recently given birth.

You may be a candidate for a procedure to dissolve deep vein clots if your clot is recent. Dr. Albrecht will perform your blood clot procedure to remove the clot at Wayne Vascular & Vein in Goldsboro.This may help preserve long-term healthy new valve function. In some instances, he may insert a filter into a large vein to catch any blood clots before they reach your lungs.

Other therapies may include compression therapy and prescribed medication. For any of these options, including surgery, trust your health to Wayne Vascular & Vein. To talk to one of our medical professionals about any blood clot concerns, simply fill out our online form or give us a call at 919-587-3333.

Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center is a reliable resource for blood clot treatment in Goldsboro, NC and beyond.

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