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Carotid Surgery

Remove Plaque from Your Carotid Artery at Wayne Vascular & Vein with Carotid Surgery

When plaque (a combination of cholesterol and other substances) builds up in your arteries, adding a stent may not be enough to address any vascular concerns. You may instead benefit from carotid surgery, also known as carotid endarterectomy, which is a procedure that allows for the surgical removal of the plaque from your carotid artery. The carotid artery is an important part of your vascular system, as it carries blood to your brain on either sides of your neck.

If plaque has reached potentially dangerous levels in your carotid artery, visit Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center for carotid surgery in Goldsboro, NC.

Reliable Carotid Surgery in Goldsboro, NC

Carotid surgery can be particularly vital to your overall health, as a blockage in your carotid artery can result in a potentially fatal stroke. During a carotid endarterectomy at Wayne Vascular & Vein, Dr. Albrecht will begin by making a small incision in your neck to access your carotid artery just below your jawline. He will then open your artery once blood flow is diverted around that area and remove the plaque that is clogging that artery.

At Wayne Vascular & Vein, the entire procedure takes a little over an hour to complete. You may have to stay at the hospital overnight for observation, but will likely be able to go home the next day. Be sure to ask Dr. Albrecht about any restrictions or precautions you need to take as you heal, including expected activity levels.

Ideal candidates for this vascular surgery include the following factors in Goldsboro:

  • Recent mild/moderate stroke victim
  • Your carotid artery has narrowed by about 70% or more if asymptomatic (showing no symptoms), or more than 50% if symptomatic (showing symptoms)
  • Risks for your customized procedure plan are relatively low

If your doctor has recommended that you undergo carotid surgery in Goldsboro, the best care you can receive before, during and after your procedure is at Wayne Vascular & Vein. To learn more about how we can improve your vascular health, contact us online or call our office at 919-587-3333.

Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center offers carotid surgery as a treatment for patients with severely blocked carotid arteries in Goldsboro, NC.

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