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Varicose Veins

Keep Your Legs Free of Varicose Veins with Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center

Varicose veins can occur in both men and women of any age, and refer to a pooling of blood within the veins, which causes them to abnormally dilate over time. If you think you have varicose veins, you will notice that your veins (typically in your legs) have bulged underneath your skin. This may also be characterized by other symptoms, such as limbs that feel achy, heavy, tired, crampy or burning.

In the instance that a varicose vein starts to clot, this may result in an additional painful condition called phlebitis. Phlebitis also leads to other symptoms, such as localized skin that reddens and becomes hot to the touch.

When varicose veins develop on your legs, don’t feel obligated to hide them away. Instead, visit Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center for dependable varicose vein treatment in Goldsboro, NC that will allow you to show off your body with confidence.

Available Goldsboro, NC Varicose Vein Treatments

When you choose Wayne Vascular & Vein as your source for varicose vein help, we may recommend a variety of treatment options, depending on the severity of your vein disorder.

Common practices to treat varicose veins at Wayne Vascular & Vein include the following at our facility in Goldsboro:

  • The Venefit™ Procedure. Consider this Wayne Vascular & Vein’s alternative to vein stripping. This utilizes ultrasound and a catheter to treat the vein with radiofrequency energy, thereby shrinking the vein once the catheter is removed. This is referred to as an ablation.
  • Sclerotherapy. We encourage your body to absorb the varicose vein by injecting material that causes the vein’s lining to swell and stick together. Blood clots will also likely form. The absorption of the vein can take anywhere from three weeks to four months.
  • Surgery. This effectively removes the affected veins from your legs, referred to as phlebectomy.

Turn to Wayne Vascular & Vein to Diminish Your Varicose Veins in Goldsboro

Maximize your legs by minimizing varicose veins with help from Wayne Vascular & Vein. Whether you can benefit from compression therapy or vein surgery, the tailored solutions you need are available through our Goldsboro varicose vein treatments. To get started, fill out our online contact form or call us at 919-587-3333 to set up a consultation.

Wayne Health Vascular & Vein Center is a reliable resource for efficient varicose vein treatments in Goldsboro, NC and beyond.

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“Nine times out of ten, it may be nothing serious. Don’t just hide with the pain. You don’t need to. We can take a look at you and see if we can figure out what’s going on.”

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